– renew-hook, automatic deployment of the certificate after its renewal

Written by Petr Bravenec, 06.12.2023 is an utility for easy issuing Let's Encrypt certificates. How to do it so that the server is automatically restarted after the certificate is renewed?

Public IPv6 address for a device connected to IPv4 only network

Written by Petr Bravenec, 05.10.2021

We have a lot of devices worldwide that are "connected" to internet, but they are hidden behind NAT, they have no public IP address and the access to them requires a lot of proffesional work. How such device can get its own public IP address?

Mastering artificial intelligence is not easy. Why?

Written by Petr Bravenec, 26.08.2021

Mastering artificial intelligence is not as easy as it may seem from various online courses or books. What obstacles stand in the way?

IPv6 via IKEv2 VPN

Written by Petr Bravenec, 22.07.2021

We have the entire corporate network built on IPv6. It works well inside, but how to get inside from a network without IPv6?

Video streamer

Written by Petr Bravenec, 13.04.2021

Video streaming system: several cameras and lots of users

We replaced our last AMD's bulldozer

Written by Petr Bravenec, 20.05.2020

AMD's Bulldozer processor do not have a good reputation. Today, it is quite useless to discuss why this is so.

3D printed box for Raspberry Pi 4B

Written by Petr Bravenec, 15.04.2020

3D printed box for Raspberry Pi 4B - freely available STL and FreeCad files

We cooperate with Charles University in Prague on electromigration simulations.

Written by Petr Bravenec, 23.03.2020

The Simul6 application is used to numeric simulation of electromigration. The electromigration methods are used for the chemical analysis for example in the pharmaceutical industry for quality control or for detection of undesirable impurities.

IKEv2 VPN from Windows 10 to corporate IPv6 network

Written by Petr Bravenec, 19.03.2020

Along with coronavirus, a number of requests for remote access to corporate networks have emerged. Some of our clients have IPv6 in their network, so we are deploying a VPN built on IPv6. On Windows workstations, only IPv4 is sufficient.

Overview of 2019

Written by Petr Bravenec, 05.01.2020

The successful year of 2019 is behind us. We completed and deploy several projects, other big tasks are ahead of us.

Our new employee

Written by Petr Bravenec, 22.11.2019

We employe new gatekeeper - it can suspend and wake-up computers, it can turn-off lights when last office member leaved, it can report aliens.

Face recognition

Written by Petr Bravenec, 25.10.2019

We can recognize faces using computer with compsumption less then 10 watts.

Visit in VacuShape manufactory

Written by Petr Bravenec, 10.09.2019

In first days of september we visited the VacuShape manufactory. We develope a touch screen application for the machine.

Using reverse proxy and Let's Encrypt certificates

Written by Petr Bravenec, 20.06.2018

If you want to make some services inside your intranet available to public, you can use reverse proxy.

Small town in your hands – light control

Written by Petr Bravenec, 11.06.2018

We can control lights in our office from a computer

Beaglebone – přepis přednášky

Written by Petr Bravenec, 23.05.2018

BeagleBone – přepis přednášky ve Valašském Meziříčí na akci Tkalci na webu.

Pressure sensor connected to BeagleBone

Written by Petr Bravenec, 14.02.2018

I received a very cheap sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure. Connection of the sensor is mather of a few minutes.

Cape 2×232X for Beaglebone Black – using AD converter

Written by Petr Bravenec, 06.02.2018

Using new cape 2x232 for BeagleBone Black example – voltage measuring

HTTP server for C++ a Qt - support for compressed transfer

Written by Petr Bravenec, 01.02.2018

We have added support for gzip compressed transfer

How to secure CouchDB for Internet use

Written by Petr Bravenec, 15.12.2017

We are using CouchDB many years successfully. Few days ago someone installed an applicaton for crypto currencies mining through CouchDB.

Parallel programming in Qt V – controlling parallel computation

Written by Petr Bravenec, 13.10.2017

Parallel computation can be stopped or canceled using QFutureWatcher class

Parallel programming in Qt IV - Blocking and non-blocking parallel computation

Written by Petr Bravenec, 11.10.2017

Using blocking and non-blocking functions, QFuture class

The impact of photovoltaic panel rotation

Written by Petr Bravenec, 05.10.2017

Inaccuracies of photovoltaic panel mounting can lead to performance drops, to unexplained monitoring alarms and to ignoring real problems. Without a detailed analysis of the power plant, it is not possible to distinguish between the operational characteristics of the power plant and the actual faults.

Parallel programing in Qt III - calculating the π number using the Monte Carlo method

Written by Petr Bravenec, 04.10.2017

Another example of CLI application for parallel calculations - map + reduce, Monte Carlo method

Parallel programmming in Qt II.

Written by Petr Bravenec, 01.10.2017

Simple CLI application example using parallel alogithm map

Programming with neural network

Written by Petr Bravenec, 26.09.2017

The road from debility to geniality

Parallel programming in Qt

Written by Petr Bravenec, 24.09.2017

Qt's tools for easy parallel calculations

Foreign currencies for KDE5

Written by Petr Bravenec, 14.02.2017

Simple application shows foreign currencies pairs price on your KDE5 desktop

Stock Charts for KDE5

Written by Petr Bravenec, 07.02.2017

Simple application show stock chart on the KDE5 desktop

HTML5 event stream in Qt

Written by Petr Bravenec, 10.01.2017

Implementace HTML5 event stream klienta v Qt

Longest common string

Written by Petr Bravenec, 23.08.2016

Implementation in C++ an Qt

Solar cells measurement

Written by Petr Bravenec, 07.07.2016

In addition to the developer's trivial problems we are solving fun things occasionally.

HTTP server for C++ a Qt - now tested

Written by Petr Bravenec, 24.03.2016

Bugs fixed, tests written

Access to http server using certificate authentication

Written by Petr Bravenec, 03.02.2016

Hobrasoft Httpd server can communicate using SSL. But it cat also authenticate your application without password.

SSL support in HTTP server for C++ and Qt

Written by Petr Bravenec, 29.11.2015

Hobrasoft Http server now supports SSL

HTTP server pro C++ a Qt - new version

Written by Petr Bravenec, 06.10.2015

We have fixed some bugs in http server - download new version.

MySql on photovoltaic power plants

Written by Petr Bravenec, 30.08.2015

What problems we have experienced with MySql on photovoltaic plant and how we replaced it with SQLite

What we are working on - MDCV04IP

Written by Petr Bravenec, 04.05.2015

Communication system for medical institutions

HTML5 event stream

Written by Petr Bravenec, 27.03.2015

How to use HTML5 event stream with HobrasoftHttp server.

HTTP server for C++ and Qt - universal API

Written by Petr Bravenec, 19.03.2015

How to create universal API with HobrasoftHttp server in C++ and Qt

4 × RS232 board for Beaglebone black

Written by Petr Bravenec, 27.02.2015

Beaglebone black cape with 4 

HTTP server for C++ and Qt

Written by Petr Bravenec, 26.01.2015

It is better to use own http server for some applications. We are offering you http server for C++ and Qt

Thermometer DS1820 connected to Beaglebone Black

Written by Petr Bravenec, 08.12.2014

Beaglebone Black and Beaglebone White are different. How to connect thermometer in new Beaglebone black?

New version 0.3.13 of Deko the CRM released

Written by Petr Bravenec, 26.06.2014

New version of Deko the CRM released.

Other languages support in Deko the CRM

Written by Petr Bravenec, 02.06.2014

Applications made by Hobrasoft are developed multilingual. How to switch the language in Deko the CRM?

New version 0.3.3 of Deko the CRM released

Written by Petr Bravenec, 29.05.2014

New version of Deko the CRM released.

Print reports in Deko the CRM

Written by Petr Bravenec, 19.05.2014

Deko reports are made using HTML and Javascript - simply, quickly an easily.

New version 0.3.0 of Deko the CRM released

Written by Petr Bravenec, 29.04.2014

New version of Deko the CRM released.

Mounting /dev/loop

Written by Petr Bravenec, 23.04.2014

I use the loop device in Linux for a long time. The loop device is handy when I need to mount CD-ROM ISO image - but this is a thing I made last time few years ago.

How I use Deko the CRM in my everyday work

Written by Petr Bravenec, 15.04.2014

Although the Deko the CRM was created for some specific request from one of our clients, we used to use the Deko very successfully in our company, too.

Rich text editor for Qt

Written by Petr Bravenec, 04.04.2014

Qt toolkit has built-in html editor - class QTextEdit. The problem is that the editor has no controls which allows you to format the text.

New version 0.2.9 of Deko the CRM released

Written by Petr Bravenec, 28.03.2014

New version of Deko the CRM released.

Remadmin - remote support simply

Written by Petr Bravenec, 24.03.2014

Simple tool to remote support: Hobrasoft Remadmin

Distributed CRM - what is it distributed?

Written by Petr Bravenec, 19.03.2014

Deko the CRM is a distributed CRM - what is it distributed?

How to setup SD card for embedded system

Written by Petr Bravenec, 16.03.2014

It is very simple to build an embedded computer for data acquisition today - find an ARM board, employ hardware specialist and make a expanding board. Install and configure Linux, database, web server, your own application and that's all. That's all! Or not?

New version 0.2.8 of Deko the CRM released

Written by Petr Bravenec, 11.03.2014

New version of Deko the CRM released.

Busybox as a simple http server

Written by Petr Bravenec, 09.03.2014

Last week I wrote an article how to connect thermometer to BeagleBone. See how it works:

New version 0.2.7 of Deko the CRM released

Written by Petr Bravenec, 07.03.2014

CSV import added. Some bugs fixed.

Thermometer DS1820 connected to Beaglebone

Written by Petr Bravenec, 02.03.2014

Some time ago, before the world begin to play with Raspberry PI, I started to play with BeagleBone. BeagleBone is small ARM computer similar to Raspberry PI. I found some DS1820 thermometer. Driver is contained within Linux kernel so it should not be a problem to connect the thermometer to Beaglebone.

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