Application development, Web pages development

We will develop applications for internet, Windows or for Linux. We will develop your web pages. We can help you with big data analysis.

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Linux servers management

We can manage your Linux servers. We can help you to build your computer structures (email, shared volumes, …)

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»Artificial Intelligence Photovoltaic analyser« automatically recognizes various types of malfunctions and operation states on photovoltaic power plants. Evaluates the operation of the power plan in the long run.

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Company's blog

Using reverse proxy and Let's Encrypt certificates

Written by Petr Bravenec, 20.06.2018

If you want to make some services inside your intranet available to public, you can use reverse proxy.

Small town in your hands – light control

Written by Petr Bravenec, 11.06.2018

We can control lights in our office from a computer

Small town in your hands

Written by Karolina Mašková, 09.06.2018

We have made a small remote controlled town for you.

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