Do you need to build tile stove? Do you need pave walkway? Or you only need to repair dripping faucet? For whom will you call? For craftsman!

Do you need to make web pages? Do you need to develop network or desktop application? Google offers you myriads of experts but no craftsman.

Most of things you need from experts is only a never ending detailed work. The art and hard work of computer craftsman can transform your plans to complete building.

Of course, we are top computer experts but at first we are real computer craftsmen and does not matter that our craft is being learned on high schools.

Web presentation

Simple internet business card — optimized for mobile phones and for desktop

New web presentation of Stavební bytové družstvo Rožnov build on CMS Drupal.

Simple internet business card with unique graphic design.

Web presentation build in CMS Drupal.

Web applications

Hobrasoft http server

Small HTTP server writen in C++ and Qt for embeped applications.


Ebook License management created for eReading.


Electronic newspaper for ebook readers eReading.


User survey and operational reports of photo voltaic plants.


Deko the CRM

Customer relationship management system. Organization of contacts, projects, notes, files, contracts, phone calls, time-sheets and much more.


Compact application for data acquisition from photo-voltaic plants.


Photo-voltaic plants monitoring center.

Firmware for eReading reader

Customization and application development for ebook readers eReading.

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