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Last year we have been asked to develop software for new machine for fitness centers. After a minor pause and a major changes in VacuShape company we are now in work process again. Last week the first new construction machine was distributed to a customer.

The VacuShape machine is an ordinary running belt extended with a hermetic box, some electronic, vacuum pump, heart rate sensor and touch screen. The pressure in the machine is kept in slightly lower pressure then the air-pressure. Lower pressure leads to higher blood suply to lower body parties. When used properly, the machine helps to lose fat effectively in critical parts.

With a high dose of impertinence towards trainee and the machine itself the machine function can be summarized in a single picture (before and after):

But now seriously. We develop software for touch screen, the main screen looks like this:

The task of the trainee is to keep the heart rate indicator in the higlighted area. The speed and inclination of the belt can be controlled manually. The pressure is controlled automatically according to pre-defined program. The recommended heart rate is calculated to be in optimal aerobic zone so the fat lose is most effective.

The first machine was still disassembled on a desk in time of our visit. The shots are slightly blured due to dirt camera lens. Tomáš Hofman appears on some pictures. His slim body was achieved by climbing on Beskyd hills, we have no machine in our office.


The VacuShape machine is on the market a lot of years. New construction extends the machine with another air pump. Now it is possible to use not only vacuum, but also overpressure training programs. The electronic, touch screen and software is completelly new. Internet website is planned, where the trainee could find all her exercises shown in nice charts and tables.

On the wall the map of Czech Republic is hanging. There are hundreds of pins pinned in the map, one pin for each machine installed. In near feature the map should be replaced with world wide map and the number of pins should increase noticeably.

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