Our company is mainly engaged in the development of custom application. We are able to transform customer's requests to working application.

What is important for us

  • Professional skill – programming is our profession, we know how to make applications
  • Transparency – project management, documented project history, time-sheets
  • Substitutability – available source code, available deployment scripts, no secrets
  • Maintainable code – documentation, well-known design patterns, standard procedures
  • Reliability – we can trust our code because we test it
  • Overall overview – we have basic knowledge physics, astronomy, photovoltaic, photography, regional politics, geocaching and boxing

What we have developed

There is a lot of application we have developed for our customers or for us:

  • Web applications
    • Samphotostock – photography business
    • Fotomon Web – photovoltaic power plant custom information: charts, statistics, current power, maintenance and other
  • Desktop applications
    • Simul6 – application simulates electromigration, cooperation with Charles University in Prague.
    • Aipha – statistical na artificial intelligence photovoltaic analyzer.
  • Server applications
    • Fotomon server – data collection and data analysis for photovoltaic
    • MDCV04IP – communication system for medical institutions
  • Internet of things, data collection
    • Fotobot – runs on photovoltaic power plant and collects data from various types of devices (Modbus, RS485, RS232)

Used technology

Software development requires a lot learning. Please, see the list of technologies as a very basic knowledge we need to know to make our work. We have to understand the customer's job, too, for example communication protocols (SIP, Modbus), data processing (statistics), photovoltaic, astronomy, ebook formats and other:

  • PHP – web applications
  • Qt and C++ – desktop, server and android applications
  • SQL database – PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Non-SQL database – CouchDB, MongoDB

What will you get from us

We try to minimize your risk of using software from small company. We want to create software which you can use without our help or support if needed.

  • Source code – every custom application goes with full source code. The customer can modify the application himself.
  • Documentation – applications are created with documentation.
  • Tests – we can develop applications with automatic tests. It costs a lot of work but the tests lower probability of errors.

How you know what you pay for

Development is mostly manual work and it is often very difficult to estimate final price. Therefore, we charge only the time spent on development their application and we offer very detailed overview for every project:

  • GIT repository access – You will see every change in the code.
  • Phabricator access – You will see every change, errors and task in your project.
  • Detailed time-sheet with every invoice.


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