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We are specialized to software development. What it means? What are we doing? What are we working on? We would like to introduce one of our products: communication system MDCV04IP for medical institutions.

What is MDCV04IP

Whole communication system is developed and produced by ZPT Vigantice. Hobrasoft is a subcontractor of the server software. MDCV04IP system is built on SIP protocol – the common standard for phone communication over internet (sure you know Skype – that's something like SIP. Although Skype is much more familiar, SIP protocol is much more widespread). There are a lot of SIP servers (Asterisk is a famous one) but due to the specific requirements we have created our own SIP server.

What are the advantages of SIP based solution?

All cables are based on standard ethernet cables. Installation consists of connection phone or other equipment to normal ethernet outlet.

It is easy to connect any other SIP clients to the network. Communication SIP protocol is very common and widespread so one can find usable clients (software phones) for every platform - most often mobile phones and tablets.

Whole system is driven by specialized software telephone exchange. All settings are made using a simple web interface.


We have followed two main goals: we have trying to make the server as simple as possible and at the same moment we have trying to make it as useful as possible for ZPT:

  • Server is written in C++ and Qt - it's a simple task for us since we develop applications in this environment for many years. There are a lot of things which we do not develop again, we reuse our prior work.
  • All settings and data are stored in CouchDB database. We have a lot of experience with CouchDB.
  • Server runs in Linux environment. There is no licence fees for server operating system. Linux is easily maintained over internet, even on a mobile connection. And finally we are very experienced in Linux since we work with Linux systems more than twenty years.
  • All settings and output are made using WWW interface. No special software is needed to use the server, everything can be set using modern web browser over internet. WWW server is a part application, the inner state of the server is immediately shown on web pages.
  • WWW part uses only static HTML pages. All data are accessible using universal API and shown on pages using HTML5, JavaScript, JSON and jQuery.
  • It is easy to localize the application to other languages. We use standard localization tools from Qt toolkit.
  • Using HTTP protocol and universal API it is easy to connect MDCV04IP with other information systems. For example, when registering new patient the operator can write patient's name only once, there is no need to enter the name to two different databases. Is is easy to create simple communication bridge between both systems. API is fully documented, of course.
  • Installation package is stored in a repository so it is very easy to install the server. The server can be installed using "only one click".

We are a small company and we exist only a few years. Life shows us that our customers are sensitive to continuity of the development. It is important for us to develop our software so that other developer could continue in our work and take care over it. We create documentation and provide maximum information as possible. We are trying to avoid unusual software constructions, we use usual design patterns. We want to have software without surprises and WTF parts. Our know-how is not in how applications are made up. Our contribution is based on many years of experience and the amount of work we are willing to spend for each project.


MDCV04IP server runs everywhere, where the Linux can run. We have ported the server to BeagleBone computer - small embedded computer with ARM processor weighting only 40 grams. It is impossible to run MDCV04IP server seriously on that computer so it was a surprise for us that ZPT runs the MDCV04IP server on Beaglebone, too. They installed the BeagleBone to evaluation systems for their business stuff. Critical was the low cost, low weight and compactness.


Are you interested in communication system MDCV04IP? Contact ZPT Vigantice: http://zptvigantice.cz.

Are you interested in application development? Contact us: Hobrasoft s.r.o. – contact.

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