Part of Fotomon application suite.

Monitoring of photovoltaic plants


  • Software runs in Windows or Linux
  • Software communicates in Czech or English language

Data acquisition and storage

  • Data are obtained over internet
  • Data can be accessed from any number of clients


  • Control panel for supervisor with brief overview of current state of photovoltaic plants
  • Quick overview of every invertor in photovoltaic plant
  • Statistical identification of malfunctions
  • Detailed settings of reactions to various errors
  • Errors evidence in operating log

Operation analysis

  • Invertor and plants are statistically compared each to other
  • Long-term statistics to search for hidden invertors errors
  • Error reporting
  • Statistic charts for every invertor

Used technologies

Application consists of few parts: data collection, data analysis, data storage and web presentation. Each part runs on dedicated server so the huge amount of data can be processed quickly and effectively. Every day are collected millions of measured values.

Data are stored in PostgreSQL database with many custom functions which processes the data directly on powerful database server.

Application for data analysis is created in C++. It can use any number of CPU cores or CPUs in your server so the application can quickly analyze vital functions of thousands invertors at few seconds.

The web part is made in PHP and Highcharts.

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