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Our applications are developed multilingual and it is very easy to switch the application to other language. If you have an application from Hobrasoft, the basic language is always English and Czech language is only a translation attached to it. The translation selected depends on your system language - when using Czech Windows, the application will always speak Czech to you. Deko the CRM is created in the same manner. Three different translations exist at this moment: English, Czech and Slovak.

Language is recognized automatically depending on your Windows language. This may be a problem if you use for example Russian Windows and you would want to use Deko rather in Czech than in English. How to switch the language?

Deko the CRM recognizes parameter on the command line. To change the language you can use the --lang or --language parameter and the language code:

    deko --lang cs_CZ

Installation process creates an icon on your desktop. Click with right mouse button on the icon and in context menu select the Properties option. Then add the language parameter in the line Target:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Deko\deko.exe" --lang cs_CZ

You can select from three different languages now:

  • en - English
  • cs_CZ - Czech
  • sk - Slovak
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