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Petr Bravenec
Twitter: @BravenecPetr
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Our web server for C++ and Qt is used in a few various projects. Now we have written tests to make sure that the server works properly.

You can find overview of http server here: Our work - Http Server for C++ and Qt


  • Qt5 support. Server is tested in Qt4 and Qt5.
  • Removed static file cache
  • Bug fixed in Request::UrlDecode()
  • Http headers are case insensitive now
  • Support for Microsoft Windows
  • Recursion detection in shtml files
  • Tests added


What is tested

There are more then twenty tests exist at the moment. Every test contains few criterions. Total ammount of criterions is over 350.

  • Default values in settings
  • Changing values in settings
  • Fixed Request::UrlDecode()
  • Changes in HttpCookie parameters, header format
  • Creating server on IPv4 (ip address and port)
  • Creating server on IPv6 (ip address and port)
  • Static files controller using GET method
  • Static files controller - error 404
  • SHTML files controller - including of files
  • URL parameters using GET method
  • URL parameters using POST method
  • URL parameters using POST method
  • Passing Cookie from client to server
  • Upload files to server
  • Upload files to server - mixed letter case in headers
  • Passing Cookie from server to client
  • Passing headers Size, Content-Type
  • Passing HTTP status codes (404)
  • Chunked response
  • Session store on server
  • Setting MimeType in StaticFileController
  • Setting Cache-Control depending on settings parameters
  • Loading SSL key and certificate
  • Basic SSL function
  • Clients certificate passing to SSL server
  • Clients certificate checking on SSL server
  • Function with self-signed certificates
  • SSL certificate authorization
  • Unknown SSL certificate refuse
  • Recursion detection in shtml files

How to run tests

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