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Petr Bravenec
Twitter: @BravenecPetr
+420 777 566 384

New version of Deko the CRM released.

What's new

  • Fixed import from firmy.cz
  • Fixed import from database
  • New behaviour when opening new tabs
  • Report can be attached to mail newsletters

What is Deko the CRM

  • Deko the CRM is system to manage customer's information (contacts, meetings, mail, phone calls)
  • Deko the CRM is system to manage your business cases and projects (tasks, time-sheets, contracts - all in one database)
  • Deko the CRM is a standalone system. Install and go.
  • Deko the CRM does not require permanent connection to internet. All your data are with you.
  • Deko the CRM does not impose you a style of work. You can organize your data as you like.
  • You can connect your Deko with other people and create huge shared database.
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