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New version of Deko the CRM released.

What's new

  • Remote support

Remote support can be found in menu Help - About - Remote help or on toolbar after clicking to icon with question mark - that's the rotating icon. Before you start remote support, please contact as by phone and the click to button Start.

When the remote support is started, we can see your desktop and work with your computer. You will see what we do on your desktop and when you click button Stop then the remote access to you computer is disconnected.

What is Deko the CRM

  • Deko the CRM is system to manage customer's information (contacts, meetings, mail, phone calls)
  • Deko the CRM is system to manage your business cases and projects (tasks, time-sheets, contracts - all in one database)
  • Deko the CRM is a standalone system. Install and go.
  • Deko the CRM does not require permanent connection to internet. All your data are with you.
  • Deko the CRM does not impose you a style of work. You can organize your data as you like.
  • You can connect your Deko with other people and create huge shared database.
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