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Simple tool to remote support: Hobrasoft Remadmin

When supporting application Deko the CRM I thought it would be nice to have access to customer's computer so I could see what the customer is doing, and I could show him what he can do with Deko.

It was easy to implement the remote support to Deko and the experience gained has enabled us to create a simple by-product: Remadmin. On our site you can generate your own exe file with your own configuration and give it to your users. For our customers we have a link to the Remadmin on the contact page. Generated program is small that you can send it by email to your customer. Generated program is so small that you can convert it to base64 and dictate it to your customer over the phone.

Download, text, generate, send away. If you find some improvements, please let me know. I would like to see Remadmin become more popular then TeamViewer - if you know how to do it, your advice are welcomed.

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