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Some time ago I wrote about available face-recognition technology. The computer was located on top of my desktop at the time. I added the POE (Power over Ethernet), PIR sensor (when no movement is detected, camera does not work), NFC reader and a small LCD display. I hide the computer in 3D printed box and connected the computer to existing office information system.

The gatekeeper can recognize faces and perform an action based on the person recognized. When we are in the office, the gatekeeper has nothing to do. Only the PIR sensor controls lights, the face recognition is deactivated. When the red button is pressed, the gatekeeper started it's job. It turn-off lights, suspend computers, write a record to database and starts it's night job.

At the morning, when we arrive in our office, the gatekeeper recognizes person, write a record to attendance system, the person's computer is woken-up and the person's desk lamp is turned-on.

All aliens are reported with SMS to our mobile phones. The image of alien is send to remote computer. The ship siren wakes up the neighbors and the machine gun opposite the door is activated. It is important to say that the gatekeeper works independently on power supply or the internet connection. It does not require SkyNet connection.

Of course, face recognition does not guarantee any security. It is very easy to download a photo from internet and show it to gatekeeper. Then the alien can pass through because the gatekeeper deactivates the machine gun believing that the intruder had arrived accompanied by a known person.

Therefore, the gatekeeper also has a built-in NFC chip reader. Unlocking can thus be completed by a mobile phone, a key ring or a dog with NFC chip implanted.

Of course, the gatekeeper can also perform other task such as attendance records keeping. The yellow button can be used for this.

We are currently debugging existing software and adding new features to the gatekeeper. We also have other uses for face recognition technology, the gatekeeper serves us primarily as a sandbox where we can gather experience on the technology.

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