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In the Hobrasoft I make everything - the director, salesman, accountant, cleaning lady and developer. Although the Deko the CRM was created for some specific request from one of our clients, we used to use the Deko very successfully in our company, too. Previously we used EGroupware but from the fall 2013 the Deko is sufficiently advanced application so we can abandon EGroupware and move to Deko completely.

How I use Deko the CRM?

I keep track of my projects

The main feature of my work is that I have elaborated about ten things at once for three different clients. Some things I get every six months for two hours, the other things I'm working intensively maybe ten hours a day a month at a time.

For each project, I need to have a perfect overview. For each project I have attached the important notes, records of telephone calls and mails, the necessary contacts, status of the project and especially timesheets. From the timesheets I draw documents for subsequent billing.

There are projects which I cannot provide alone - this is typically necessary when managing Linux servers. My notes are available for all colleagues in company. It is easy for them to get an overview of the managed server and even make my work when needed.

I have connected Deko the CRM with my cell phone

In my work, I sit at the computer almost constantly. When someone calls, Deko findss a phone number in the contact list and my screen will pop up a window in which I have summarized basic information about the customer who calls me. I can see what projects I deal with a customer, I can see his previous communication to me, I see all communication with other colleagues in his company and also notes, phone calls and emails for that particular customer, which other colleagues in my company joined to the customer.

The typical call usually resolves in two situations:

  • Someone calls me and needs immediate help - in this case, when the phone call finished, I save a note about the call and also the timesheet.
  • The call is an order for some service joined with some existing project - in this case, I save a note about the call and also a task, which helps me to return to it later.

I work everywhere

This situation looks like grotesque and I hated it - at the meeting at the customer I need to mine some information from my database. When the data were stored in EGroupware, I have to sit to a local computer, or ask the customer to provide me the access to his wifi network, or connect using my cell phone. Neither of the options worked. I fill like an alien in customer's computer, wifi access is not always quickly available, and the mobile phone connection used to be very slow. "I'll send it later to you" was the most common solution.

With Deko the CRM I have my data always with me. Data are accessible few seconds after the notebook is opened. I'm looking for internet only when the access to new mail is needed.

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