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When I upgraded to KDE5 I missed simple little desktop widget displaying foreing currencies price. There are a lot of widgets for KDE4 exist but there is nothing available for KDE5. So I decided to create my own plasmoid:

Foreign Currencies – Plasma 5 Extension

Plasmoid is pretty minimalistics. A few currencies pairs can be set in preferences. Widget shows every symbol and price in a separate line. Prices are updated every 15 minutes. When you click on the line with the price then the browser with Finance Yahoo with selected currency pair is opened.

Data are downloaded from http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv.

Pair names examples:

  • USDEUR=X – USD to EUR price
  • EURCZK=X – EUR to CZK price
  • XAUUSD=X – Gold to USD price
  • XAGUSD=X – Silver to USD price
  • XAUCZK=X – Gold to CZK price
  • XAGCZK=X – Silver to CZK price

Technologies used: Qt, QML

I used the same technology as with Stock Charts for KDE5 – the QML language. The QML lanuage is used to create GUI interface of applications. The basic idea is to separate GUI layer and the computing layer. Simple application like this can be created using only QML and JavaScript.


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