Hobrasoft Remadmin is a simple freeware (license) tool for computer remote support. It is very simple to use for your users. You can generate your own configuration so your users connect directly to your support desktop. There is no need to install it on user's computer. The client is very small. Hobrasoft Remadmin is based on TightVNC.

How to use Hobrasoft Remadmin

Supporter's computer

Download TightVNC and install it to supporter's computer. There are two alternatives:

  • Download TightVNC from its home pages http://www.tightvnc.com/download.php
    Is it sufficient to install the viewer only, the server is not needed. Then launch TightVNC viewer and click to button "Listening mode".
    --- OR ---
  • Download and install Remadmin server. The installation contains only needed components and two icons are created on your desktop - one icon to start, the other icon to stop VNC viewer. Viewer is started after successful instalation.

If you are behind firewall, you will have to configure your firewall and forward port 5500 to your computer. Now is the supporter's computer configured and ready.

Your client's computer

For your clients generate the Hobrasoft Remadmin client. Publish the generated EXE somewhere on your web for example (for your inspiration: Our contact page).

Generated EXE is pretty small so you can send the EXE in an email but remember that not all email clients or servers can handle EXE files.

Your customer runs Hobrasoft Remadmin, chooses from your preset IP addresses and after next click she is connected to your computer and you can administer her computer.

Next click closes the connection and uninstall the Hobrasoft Remadmin application.

Screen shots

Software License

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