Deko is multiplatform distributed CRM system with wide range of use. It is aimed to freelancers or small work groups.


Deko the CRM is created to play a businessman's diary role. Since the business is a team work, the data in Deko the CRM application are shared. The mode of sharing makes the Deko unique. Deko the CRM is a effective tool which leads you in your work day and helps you to organize your business data.

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You can download Deko the CRM from internet for free. Installation is very simple and you can use Deko immediately after the installation. Free version has no function limitations. Free version is only limited in number of documents.

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If you want to use Deko the CRM without limitations, you have to buy activation key and activate your application. Data in you database remain untouched and after the activation you can continue in you work without limitation.

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