The initial idea came from one of our customer – she has one businessman in Moscow and another one on Ural, both of them needs to share their data but they have no quick and reliable internet connection. Data are merged with difficulty once in few weeks or months when both businessmen meet each other. Typical situation for carrier-pigeons army – or Deko the CRM.

Requested sharing mode allowed us to create application which can work on a standalone computer so the Deko is suitable for a freelancers, but also a shared network can be created, where few users can work with or without internet connection.

Sales support

Deko the CRM is businessman's diary:

  • You can store your phone call, interviews, meetings, mails and notes about your customer; every contact with your customer can be stored in your computer, include your contracts and documents.
  • You can plan your business meetings, phone calls or events. Deko the CRM will remind you what are your plans today.
  • Deko the CRM is connected to Google maps so you can see where your customers are located. You can plan your business trip effectively and visit as much customers as possible in the destination location.

Data sharing

Deko the CRM has unique data sharing:

  • Each installation of Deko the CRM can work completely separately. Each member of your business team has it's own copy of whole database.
  • Data copy can be stored on shared server with professional maintenance and backup – when you lost your notebook, no data are lost.
  • If you are not connected to internet or you do not want to pay expansive connection in foreign country, you can use Deko the CRM without connection.
  • When you are connected to internet again, you can replicate your date changes to other team members.

Work management

You can use Deko the CRM for work management:

  • You can assign task to you or to your calleagues.
  • You can monitor time spent on different tasks in timesheets.
  • Custom variables allows you to monitor information which are not included in Deko the CRM.


Deko the CRM can be easily connected to other applications

  • Simple email client is integrated part of Deko the CRM
  • Deko the CRM can be connected to your smart phone. Deko recognizes automatically your phone calls and shows you all recent communication with the customer.
  • Web connection – you can easily show some information from your database on your web pages. Example: Timesheets.

Do you want to try it?

Download and try Deko the CRM for free.

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