We can take care of your server

We specialize in Linux server. We have more then twenty years of experience with Linux operating system. We use two different Linux distributions:

Debian is deployed where not special requirements exists. Due to its conservativeness the Debian is very reliable and stable. Is is suitable for server that will be stored somewhere under the table and you will not want to know about it a few years.

Gentoo distribution is an equivalent of computer kit - Lego. Gentoo allows us to assemble the server the exactly on demands, reduce unnecessary software and leave the key parts of sowftware int the appropriate version many years. Each server is made accurately to your requirements and can be continually adapted.

We will build linux server for you

To cover the most common needs we have created a template of the Linux server:

  • Mail server located in your own company.
  • Antivir and antispam built in mail server
  • Your own web server.
  • Shared drives for your Windows workstations.
  • Database engine PostreSQL or MySql
  • Unlimited number of users - no licence fees

Our server are made to be reasonably reliable and cheap. Cheapest server made of carefuly selected components can cost no more then 550 euro include the installed and configured operating system. When make the servers our priorities are the realiability, adequate amount of memory and at least two disks connected in disk array.

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