Our favorite hardware development platform is BeagleBone Black. It is a SoC computer similar to RaspberryPi, but it is much more suitable for industrial use compared to RaspberryPi. The advantages of BeagleBone: 4 GB eMMC disc — also sold in industrial design — contains 2 PRU processors (for realtime applications requiring very precise timing) — contains many peripherals (timers, PWM, serial ports, input and output pins, ADC) — easy development of expansion boards — a large community.


Cape 4x232, box, BeagleBone Industrial, power supply, software.

4x232 cape for BeagleBone

4× RS232, real time clock, power supply 5 V.

FotobotHW-DUO (2×232) cape for BeagleBone

2× RS232, real time clock, power supply 7-24 V, 2× digital input, 2× digital output, 2× relay, 2× ADC 0-10 V or 0-20 mA.

Box for BeagleBone

Box for capes FotobotHW-DUO (2x232) or 4x232.

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