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Embedded HTTP server for Qt and C++
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HobrasoftHttpd::ShtmlController Class Reference

Processes request to SHTML files. More...

#include <shtmlcontroller.h>

Inheritance diagram for HobrasoftHttpd::ShtmlController:

Public Member Functions

 ShtmlController (HttpConnection *parent)
 Construct sets the default parameter from configuration (encoding and root)
void service (HttpRequest *request, HttpResponse *response)
 Processes one request.
- Public Member Functions inherited from HobrasoftHttpd::HttpRequestHandler
 HttpRequestHandler (HttpConnection *parent)
HttpResponseresponse ()
 Returns new instance of HttpResponse class. More...

Private Member Functions

QByteArray readFile (const QString &path, HttpResponse *response, int depth)
 Reads and processes one file, other files can be included recursivelly.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HobrasoftHttpd::HttpRequestHandler
HttpConnectionconnection () const
 Returns pointer to parent HttpConnection class.
const HttpSettingssettings () const
 Returns pointer to HttpSettings used in the HttpServer.

Detailed Description

Processes request to SHTML files.

SHTML files can simply include other files. You can use it to simply include headers and footer to your static files.

The controller search for lines:

<!-- #include "soubor.html" -->

and replaces them with the content of included file. There can be only one include pragma on the line. No other content is not allowed on the line.

Definition at line 35 of file shtmlcontroller.h.

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