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HobrasoftHttpd::HttpSessionStore Class Reference

Session store. More...

#include <httpsessionstore.h>

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void aboutToRemove (const HttpSession &session) const
 Signal is emited when a session is about to remove from storage.

Public Member Functions

 HttpSessionStore (const HttpSettings *settings, QObject *parent)
 HttpSessionStore (HttpServer *server)
QByteArray sessionId (HttpRequest *request, HttpResponse *response)
 Returns session ID associated with the request or response.
HttpSession session (HttpRequest *request, HttpResponse *response)
 Returns session associated with the request or response.
HttpSession session (const QByteArray &id)
 Returns session.
void remove (HttpSession session)
 Removes session.
void setSessionCookieName (const QString &x)
 Sets the name of the session cookie. More...
const QString & sessionCookieName () const
 Returns the session cookie name.
bool contains (const QByteArray &id) const

Private Slots

void slotCleaner ()
 Slot cleans the store from old sessions.

Private Member Functions

void init ()

Private Attributes

QTimer * m_cleaner
 Timer for store cleaning from old sessions.
QHash< QByteArray, HttpSessionm_sessions
 List of stored sessions.
QString m_sessionCookieName
 The name of the session cookie.
const HttpSettingsm_settings
 Pointer to http server settings.

Detailed Description

Session store.

Definition at line 29 of file httpsessionstore.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setSessionCookieName()

void HobrasoftHttpd::HttpSessionStore::setSessionCookieName ( const QString &  x)

Sets the name of the session cookie.

For some specific use it is needed to set some random cookie name for every session.

Definition at line 68 of file httpsessionstore.h.

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