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HobrasoftHttpd::HttpCookie Class Reference

One cookie of HTTP protocol. More...

#include <httpcookie.h>

Public Member Functions

 HttpCookie ()
 Constructor, creates an empty cookie.
 HttpCookie (const QString &name, const QString &value, const int maxAge, const QString &path="/", const QString &comment=QString(), const QString &domain=QString(), const bool secure=false)
 Constructor, creates new cookie with given parameters.
QByteArray toByteArray () const
 Returns cookie on form of line formated for HTTP header.
void setName (const QString &x)
 Sets the name of cookie.
void setValue (const QString &x)
 Sets the value of cookie.
void setComment (const QString &x)
 Sets the comment of cookie.
void setDomain (const QString &x)
 Sets the domain of cookie.
void setMaxAge (const int &x)
 Sets the max age of cookie.
void setPath (const QString &x)
 Sets the path of cookie.
void setSecure (const bool &x)
 Sets the cookie as secure.
void setVersion (const int &x)
 Sets the version ot cookie.
QString name () const
 Returns the name of cookie.
QString value () const
 Returns the value of cookie.
QString comment () const
 Returns the comment of cookie.
QString domain () const
 Returns the domain of cookie.
int maxAge () const
 Returns the max age of cookie.
QString path () const
 Returns the path of cookie.
bool secure () const
 Returns the secure status of cookie.
int version () const
 Returns the version of cookie.

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Detailed Description

One cookie of HTTP protocol.

Definition at line 20 of file httpcookie.h.

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