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Example::Item Class Reference

One data item in the example. More...

#include <item.h>

Inheritance diagram for Example::Item:


void statusChanged (const Item *)
 Signal is invoked when the status of the item changed.

Public Member Functions

 Item (const QString &id, const QString &text, int interval, QObject *parent)
 Constructor creates item from given parameters.
const QString & id () const
 Returns id of the item.
const QString & text () const
 Returns text of the item.
QVariantMap webStatus () const
 Returns webStatus of the item.

Private Slots

void updateStatus ()
 Slot is called periodicaly to increment inner value of the example item.

Detailed Description

One data item in the example.

The value of the item is incremented periodically and then the statusChanged() is signaled.

Definition at line 20 of file item.h.

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